Morning wake-up

Lie back, your naked body dozing chest rising and falling asleep you breathe. Sunlight streaming through the window, I pull down the sheets and start kissing your stomach and sides going lower, stroking your inner thighs, spreading your legs until I can slide between them and kiss up and down gently. Trying not to wake you, but just be part of your dreams, I tease your slit with the tip of my tongue, then lick up and down, twisting my tongue and parting your lips.

Curling my tongue round your clit, I flick it back and forth, sucking locking swirling tasting fucking you with my tongue. Your hips starting to move I know you’re at least semi conscious and I don’t stop. Fingers inside you as I consume your smooth wet tight pussy… I don’t want you to wake, but I want you to come all over my lips, my tongue, my face.

Your legs locked over my shoulders now, pinning your hips down with my hands, mouth wide open to lick and suck as much of your gorgeous pussy at once that I can. I feel you start to buck and my tongue flails even more, your pussy squeezing harder, I tastes your wetness flowing as you come, your fingers pulling my hair forcing my face into your pussy.

After you subside, I kiss my way back up your body and you taste your wetness on my lips. You feel my hardness against your thigh and I moan as your fingers wrap around my shaft….

Morning I whisper x


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