Snowy walk

You’re back – such a relief – what perfect timing….In the depths of winter, just when you thought things couldn’t get any darker, you’re back..sparking feelings more intense than ever. Absence amplifying everything 100 times.

And there we were, transported to crunching through the snow, breath hanging in the cold air. Stealing the odd kiss, losing the dog and lingering for a longer deeper one – cold noses, hot tongues snaking around each others. Forgetting where we are for those split seconds, then he’s back for more attention. Throwing the stick farther to get more time – under all those layers hearts thumping, falling over in the snow, picking each other up…ready to go back…for more than just something hot to drink…

Racing almost running back, we put him into another room then fall into the lounge, out of breath, kissing , unzipping, hair wet with melting snow.  Yo push me back onto the sofa and kneel down in front of me smiling.  I smile back , knowing what’s coming next, he’s throbbing already in anticipation  and as you bite your bottom lip while undoing my belt , I lift my hips up to make it easier to pull my jeans down.

I gasp as your cold hands wrap around him and moan as you hot mouth engulfs him – I wish every day could start like this – in your mouth, hard throbbing….you look up as you slide up and down – tongue caressing ever contour. You have him just where you want him, slick, wet in your mouth, tasting my pre-cum – always wanting more…

I push you back not because I want you to stop, but I want to be inside you, to feel her tightness and raw wetness.  You wiggle your ass as you bend forward, elbows on the ground and slide off your jeans…I kneel behind you as you spread your legs, the most perfect view and all mine, your fingers unable to stop stroking and playing as I pause, desperate to play with your clit, to be heightened and ready for a hard fast orgasm – others can wait – we know what we both need now…..

You brace yourself and arch your back, tilting her towards me, perfectly smooth, wet around her lips, ready for his glistening head to part and slide in…. Oh god that moment I savour, the first time, keeps getting better and better every time we do it. Nothing between us, my bare cock, sliding slowly inside you, feeling you push back as my hands grip your hips…perfect for the fucking we’re about to do.

It turns into a blur of moaning wet noises from our mutual pounding, but before long, neither of us can stop the orgasm we’ve wanted since waking up and I let go inside you, stretching and filling her, until I can’t any more…and I pull out, collapse in front of the fire and you lie on top, lazily playing with him and tasting my come from her lips….


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